There is nothing more energising than Ralph’s Zumba class! His style of teaching is unique, fun & non-judgemental and for someone like me (who tends to dodge a group activity), he has really helped me focus my life/work balance so that I now operate more effectively to make each day a productive one. Ralph is just … Strictly Fab!
Susan Rider – Managing Director http://www.sueridermanagement.co.uk

“This is the guy you need to use to get you into shape. He’s quite unique and an amazing professional dancer with an impressive background. I’m no dancer but am now hooked on the endorphins released after all his classes and having avoided most group gym classes, I’m usually the first to get in the studio! I feel exhilarated, pumped up and fitter. Great for beginners, Ralph makes you feel at ease and has a clever knack of making you feel like you are a fabulous dancer! An hour of exercise just does not feel like it and you are left feeling hungry for more. Zumba is not scary with Ralph and the high impact exercise includes general conditioning, mobilising and strengthening. It beats an hour on the cross trainer and spinning!!”
Dr Jag Acharya

I was delighted when Ralph agreed to teach a dance lesson as part of my sister’s hen party celebrations. The group was quite large (20) and consisted of dancers and non-dancers alike, yet Ralph managed to achieve a balance of a relaxed and fun atmosphere while also ensuring a fantastic routine was learnt by all! The Chicago theme worked very well and, at Ralph’s own suggestion, the group dressed in suitable flapper style complete with hats and feathers which made it all the more enjoyable. We also got a video of it all at the end as a memento! Thanks very much again, a highlight of the hen celebrations xx
Lizzie Coyne

There are Zumba teachers and then there’s Ralph! He brings variety, dynamism and an infectious enthusiasm. I recommend Ralph’s Zumba classes without reservation. If you like moving to music and have a pair of trainers come along and enjoy the experience.
June Nunn, Teacher

I had a fantastic time at my friend’s hen party. I am not the world’s best dancer but like a boogie! The teacher, Ralph, was superb and made the whole routine a fun, cool activity which really bonded the group. I think we were all extremely impressed with what we achieved and how professional our moves looked by the end! I have been to many dance classes on hen parties and the like – but this was different in that there was genuinely no pressure to get things perfect – the emphasis being on giving it a good go and enjoying yourself! (Also, it wasn’t so over strenuous/physical that you needed to shower before dinner either – a good practical point for these occasions when you might be going straight on the next thing). Thank you for a wonderful class! X
Sarah Bann

Ralph provided the entertainment for my pre-wedding party. From the minute he started, I knew that he would be brilliant. Along with his dance troupe he performed two Bollywood songs to a very high standard. He then got the crowd involved by doing a dance class. Although people were at first reluctant, in the end he managed to fill the dancefloor with willing volunteers (not just the kids!). All involved said how much they enjoyed his performance and particularly the dance lesson for all. A fantastic start to my wedding parties!

‘…and most of all, we’re scared of walking out of this gym and never feeling the rest of our whole lives the way we feel when we Zumba with Ralph…Dance with us…’
Fans of Dirty Dancing might think this (mis)quote a little over the top for a mere Zumba teacher and they would normally be right.  But Ralph is no ordinary Zumba teacher.  His classes are always packed, even the sunny Bank Holiday ones, and there is ALWAYS a brilliant, buzzing atmosphere and that’s on a Monday morning.
Don’t fret if you’re not a member of the gym because Ralph can help you realise your dreams in other ways.  I had always wanted to be part of a Flash Mob and was having a big joint 50th birthday party with my husband. I rave about Zumba, and Ralph, to anyone who will listen so thought it would be a marvellous idea to show our loved ones a slice of this enthusiasm…
Ralph helped a group from our Zumba class, and some other enthusiastic friends, to choose and polish up some of our favourite, and more dancy, Zumba tracks so we could put on a show at the party.  He led us on the night (21st June) to rapturous enthusiasm and applause!  We now have the performance bug and want to perform with Ralph again, and again, and again…

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Very lucky to experience both Yoga and Zumba! And have various treatments at our rustic house. Owner and her daughter are delightful and amazing cooks! The first night tasting menu of 8 courses including rabbit and 2 pastas almost floored us, even Ralph! Yoga on the roof at 7.30am was a perfect way to start the day. Breakfast, perfect. Zumba perfect before dinner. Trips into nearby cities great too, enabling the odd Aperol :). Trying to think of a negative, hmm can’t! Thanks Trish and Ralph, and all fellow inmates for a lovely, cleansing, calm, fun, collegiate trip! Sue x

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