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Masseria La Macchiola

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“Very lucky to experience both Yoga and Zumba! And have various treatments at our rustic house. Owner and her daughter are delightful and amazing cooks! The first night tasting menu of 8 courses including rabbit and 2 pastas almost floored us, even Ralph! Yoga on the roof at 7.30am was a perfect way to start the day. Breakfast, perfect. Zumba perfect before dinner. Trips into nearby cities great too, including the odd Aperol :). Trying to think of a negative, hmm can’t! Thanks Trish and Ralph, and all fellow inmates for a lovely, cleansing, calm, fun, collegiate trip! Sue x”

4 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. Thanks Trish and Ralph for the very special time spent at La Macchiola. The perfect combination of Yoga in the morning and Zumba early evening. Really enjoyed everything especially the company of the lovely group of ladies and Ralph of course!
    Thank you! Marisa x

  2. Everything about this trip was wonderful. La Macchiola provided us with a beautiful setting for our amazing yoga and zumba classes with Trish and Ralph. What a great idea to combine a relaxing yoga class in the morning with an upbeat zumba class later in the day. Ana the owner was extremely welcoming and a brilliant cook. The accommodation was truly stunning with amazing outdoor space & pool. Ok Spongano was a little quiet but this didn’t seem to matter as Trish and Ralph organized lots of lovely trips. The trip to Otranto on the coast was great and so was the ice cream. It was lovely to have spent time with such a lovely group.
    Thank you Trish & Ralph
    Carmen xxx

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