Booking Online Classes

Hey Everyone!
As promised, here are the instructions for paying/booking online:
The following link will take you to the booking site:
To add this web app to your phone screen like a regular app for future convenience: Apple: open link in Safari, tap the share button (a square with an upwards arrow), scroll sideways on the grey bar till you see ‘add to homescreen’ and tap that. Android: open the link in Chrome, tap the menu button, tap ‘add to homescreen’ and voila, my lovely face should appear on your phone! Alternatively, grab a child and make them do it, probably in about 3 seconds 😀
The first time there’s a bit of registration to go through but after that you’ll be set.
First you’ll register on the GoTeamup website who handle the bookings and then you’ll register on the GoCardless website who handle the payments. Both are big names in the fitness industry used by millions and completely secure. The payment site uses the bacs bank transfer system so it will ask for your bank details and you’ll confirm with ‘set up direct debit’. This is NOT however a recurring payment, it’s a one-off authorisation and makes things speedier for future bookings. (Unless you choose the recurring membership option, more about that below)
You now have the following options:
Under the ‘Schedule‘ tab (this is the one that should open when you open the app/website) you can find and book single classes
Under ‘Memberships‘ there are several other options, most of which are not relevant to the upcoming online classes and are pretty self-explanatory. I’ll just mention:
1) 1 extra online participant, voluntary option to pay extra if you have another family member joining in
2) 2+ extra online participants, voluntary option to pay extra if you have 2 or more family members joining in
(neither of these are memberships as such but this was the easiest way to accomplish this, so they’re listed under ‘memberships’)
3) the ‘Zumba Special’ £80/month. If you don’t want to have to do any booking, this one books you into all Zumba classes every month automatically, so your space is guaranteed. Please note, this is the only recurring payment.

Hope that’s clear, if not, feel free to send me any questions.

Kind Regards,
Ralph 🙂